Timber Haus

Naturally Inspired Living

Timber Haus Developments is a custom builder inspired by Edmonton's heritage, history and iconic river valley. Backed by Lincolnberg Master Builder, Timber Haus offers the reliability of a reputable builder, with the nuance, exclusivity and craftsmanship of an artisan carpenter. 

Our philosophy centres around lifestyle design. We strive to create homes that foster a sense of ease and effortlessness; homes that compliment your way of being. 

There is a beauty to living within the heart of your community. Be it the 10 minute bike ride to work, access to running trails along the river, or simply the relief of knowing there is decent coffee within a 1 mile radius. Infill living is heightened living. Living which fuses the charm of historic neighbourhoods, with modern aesthetic and thoughtful design. 

Beginning as the passion project of industry veterans Don Tolsma and John Wilson, Timber Haus is expanding rapidly to serve neighbourhoods across the Edmonton core. We currently have properties available in North Glenora and Bonnie Doon. Contact us for more information.