Our Name by John Wilson

What does Timber Haus mean?

In the beginning, Timber Haus was a hope, a dream. It was a “what if?” and a “one-day” dream. A dream we talked about endlessly and thought about none-stop. We plotted and schemed to make it real, but we were hesitant. Could we make it a reality? Could we dare to dream? 

Then, in the words of Anaïs Non, "the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” We had to do it! So we bought a property, filed for a demolition permit, and began creating! [Here we can link to the first blog post about the history of Timber Haus] Then, with strategic planning, research, design and more dreaming came Timber Haus. 

The question we hear all the time is, where does the name Timber Haus come from? Well, it took us over a year to pin down. Who knew it could take that long, right? 

After throwing lots of ideas around, consulting with our family and friends, and defining the essence and values of the company, we finally settled on a name that speaks to the homes we aspire to build. As John Wilson would say, “there is beauty in simplicity.”

 Timber comes from our passion; buildings from their starting point as trees, the cultivation of raw materials, to their finished expression as architecture. We love timber. It has real weight to it. 

The second word, Haus, speaks to German quality. It means home. Originally we thought of using the word Haas, rather than Haus, based off of Don’s Dutch heritage. Ultimately though, the German word reflects the origin of passive homes (sustainable hyper-efficient housing) and we will be incorporating sustainability and attention to detail into our projects. 

So there you have it, Timber Haus Developments. Oh, and one final thing, for or those of you with a dream, don’t be daunted by it! Make it a reality and then give it a really good name! 

- Don Tolsma & John Wilson